I had been traveling thru town and was on my way home from a business trip..I decided to stop at Jim Laabs music store in Stevens Point because I had heard about it in the past..Once I had entered the store, I made the big mistake of telling the person helping me that I lived over 150 miles away and didn't know a lot about guitar pedals, but I wanted a certain sound..I expected at the very least a true price of the item once I picked out what I wanted..I trusted that the price was reasonable..It was a Boss guitar pedal. I bought it at a price of $209.00 plus tax.

When I got home, I played for a few weeks and decided I liked it and I then went on the internet to price some more items at the same store..I was going to purchase a lot more stuff until I looked up the price of what I had just pruchased. I found when I looked up the price of the item I purchased it went for $150.00. Not $209.00 They made a profit of 50 dollars over the asking price listed on the internet for their own store.... Isn't that like a 500% mark up????

"lol" I realize now I should have checked prices before I made any purchase.

But I was on the road and sometimes a computor isn't handy. And it would be foolish to travel a round trip of 300 miles just to bring it back and they knew that..I wrote them an e-mail and explained, but of course there was no response back, and after reading some other complaints, I realize why..They lost a lot of business that day..I have purchased over 30 thousand dollars of music equipment and it wasn't from Jim Laabs music store at all..I would suggest Uncle Bob's music center in Milwaukee, Wisconson.." I have been buying there for over thirty years and they have always been real good as far as respectful to a trusting soul..I hope the Jim Laabs 50 bucks over charge was worth the effort of deception..I bet it cost them a lot more in the long haul..I won't be so trusting next time..No wonder retail has gotten to be so hard to believe sales people..It makes it ruff on the honest folks in sales..And to those who still believe in treating the customer with respect, my hat goes off to you.

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